• Formwork : Commercial Forming

    Our carpenters have the quality and knowledge to build any form inside or outside

  • Formwork: Architectural Forming

    Is a modern solution to the concrete surface and one of the most important mean of design in modern architectural.

  • Placing Concrete

    Place or concrete pour is challenging because every concrete pour is different and have different quality of finished. For example, smooth, broom, stamp and exposed, but our employs have the knowledge to placing and concrete pour.

  • Concrete Cement Finisher

    We use different techniques to improve or repair any concrete surface, and we have the best quality of material to get smooth and durable finish on concrete. For instance, chapping, grinding and patching.

  • Concrete Cement Finishing: Grinding Wall

  • Concrete Cement Finishing: Patching

  • Concrete Cement Finishing: Saking

  • Self Leveling

  • Concrete Restored

Marbec Build offers complete construction management
for commercial, institutional & residential projects in Vancouver Canada